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Trpišovský: Nobody expects anything from us, it may suit us

Despite the absence in the line-up, Liberec footballers will enter Thursday’s fourth round of the European League at Fiorentina as a big outsider, but according to coach Jindřich Trpišovský, this role should suit them. The North Czechs need to score points against the group leader to revive their chances of advancing into the spring fighting. “Liberec has always been comfortable with this team, too,” Trpisovsky told reporters.We played better with stronger teams last season and this season, so I hope we confirm, ” added the coach of the Slav.

He would like to be inspired by his last year’s match in Marseille, where his team sensationally he won 1: 0. “We were in a similar situation last year before the match in Marseille. We weren’t doing well, we lost our first game at home with Braga, and then of course we Bet365 managed it in Marseille with a lot of luck, “Trpisovsky pointed out.

” we are not. The guys already said that on Thursday at least we would have done fitness training without a balloon and we wouldn’t have to do it in the national pause, “he laughed.” But sometimes you are completely ready, you have all the players healthy and nedopadne.And sometimes it is the other way around, “” added.

He considers Fiorentino a harder opponent than Marseille. “I dare say they’re a level higher than Olympique. They were individually great, but Fiorentina players, in addition to great skills, also play great combination. That’s why it’s harder to push through, “said the coach.

He expects a different picture of the game than two weeks ago when Liberec lost 1: 3 at home with Fiorentina. ” We know Fiorentina has an excellent form. She’s doing well, she wins. On the other hand, she played 1: 1 with Crotone, the last Italian league team. I think the match will be a little different than at home. They will have to play ahead, we have fast forward players.Everything can happen, especially with the Italian team, “Trpisovsky mused.

He will have to change the composition of the middle row again, because Radim Breite has fallen due to the penalty of exclusion.” a player who hasn’t played Betclic bonos recently. We can use Igor Súkenník, who will be suitable for such a match. It is a camel, which ran more than 12 kilometers on Bohemian and at a great pace. There is also the possibility to use Navrátil or Vůcha. Radim was one of the best players in recent matches. It’s a hit on the space where it’s the hardest to replace, it’s in a sensitive place, ” said the coach.

The lineup isn’t clear yet. ” The question mark hangs over five players. If at least two of us succeed, we will be happy.Two juniors are likely to be ready on the bench, as the cadre has just broken up a bit. But there is absolutely no way of saving someone for Sparta on Sunday, “Trpisovsky said.

Liberec has only one point after three rounds of the group, but Trpisovsky does not deal with progress calculations. ” I don’t look at it at all. Until we play so optimally that we have it in our hands, it is useless to look at something. We can calculate when we have points, “ he added.

Holoubek has eleven healthy field players on Hapoel

Sparta’s coach David Holoubek had a hard time looking for an answer to the question of whether the Israeli team Hapoel Beer Sheva or his own sick girl would be a major rival for his team on Thursday in the European League match. After much thought, he named the Israeli rival, but admitted he had more players on the sickness than the healthy ones. On the other hand, it Bet365 apuestas makes it easier for him to compose a report.

“It’s not nice to see a board in an office where more names are injured than healthy ones. We try to squeeze out of the guys we have available that would be a problem, “ Holoubek said at today’s press conference.

” But I’m looking for a positive thing again. so I probably don’t sit here.In addition, the A-team trains eleven players in the field and only one goes on the bench. So the line-up is doing pretty well, “a 36-year-old coach smiled.

Despite Sparta’s important league match in Liberec on Sunday, he doesn’t intend to save his support despite a narrow cadre. save power. We played last Saturday, so we had enough time to train and rehabilitate. The young guys will be ready to take turns on the bench, but we will go to the match with the A-team guys. Only with Václav Kadlec we do not Unibet bonos want to risk anything before Liberec. We’ll see what happens after the training, “he said.

Sparta has a great chance of getting closer to the procedure with any win.Under Holoubek she won both previous matches, at home with Inter Milan and just in Beer Ševa. “And before both of these matches I said that a draw would be a good result, and we won in the end. So I won’t change it this time and say that a draw would be good,” >

considers the Israeli rival as very strong, which he convinced in the opening battle. “Their players are very good. I was surprised,” he admitted. He is even considering deploying two defensive midfielders.Next to Lukáš Mareček, he would have been built by Mario Holka, who was more of a stoper lately, but he also played back in the last league match.

” deploying two defensive midfielder would make sense. I don’t think the opponent will change the game style significantly. Coach.

Sparta could be facilitated by the fact that Hapoel is missing the key striker Anthony Nwakaeme, who has health problems. “He didn’t play in the last game against Maccabi, and I know he shouldn’t be against us either.That would drop us one crucial thing because he’s a really handy player, ” Holoubek said.

With Norway, we have to graduate, we have to go for goals, says Jarolím

According to coach Karel Jarolim, the qualifying match with Norway will be for representation as a passing exam. He knows very well that the team must first start to score goals. That is why they are thinking about how to wake up the team when the team does apuestas bonos not make a big difference even in clubs.

“We did not score a goal three times and it is alarming. We all realize that. If we want to think about progress, we must succeed. And that means scoring goals, “ Jarolim said at today’s press conference. “We have to play differently in the attack and go for goals,” he added.

Patrik Schick from Sampdoria Genoa and Milan Skoda from Slavia nominated for the attack.He is ready to summon at least one attacker over the weekend and is considering surprising possibilities due to his offensive affliction. In the Bet365 online viewfinder is Pilsen forward Michael Krmenčík and offensive midfielder Michal Skoda from Brno.

“Michal Skoda surprised me, I saw some matches. He is a player who has a chance. Among the alternates is Krmenčík. We’ll see what the other players will be like. It’s a variation, “admitted Jarolim.

He is even considering trying to persuade Spartan David Lafata to represent him. “We’ll see what the situation will be among the attackers. I don’t know how David reacted to helping us out in an emergency situation.If we had him in matches with Northern Ireland and Azerbaijan, we could now smile. I want to address him, it can happen, “ said the coach to the 35-year-old cannonman. that he would also take one of the twenty-one players in the preparatory duel with Denmark four days earlier in Portugal. ” >

Among his 21, he has the Slavic midfielder Antonín Barák.Jakub Jankto from Udine also wants his chance in the Italian league. “The house is doing well and it’s Unibet ES productive,” said the coach. “It still doesn’t fall for the players there, of course, Jirka Skalák’s assistance in Brighton is pleasing, but we need to find a shooter, too. I know he’s able to play from the right, ” added a 60-year-old coach.

The lion cubs want quality preparation before the European Championship, they will start in Portugal

The national team under 21 is a friendly match on the field of the finalist of the last European Championship of Portugal. The team management deliberately chooses to prepare a tough opponent to prepare the team for the European Championship in Poland. There, young Czech footballers want to try to win one progressive place in the semi-finals in the group. the best preparation, ” said the national team manager Jaromír Šeterle. “We don’t just Bet 365 want to take part, but be a good rival,” he added.Their senior national team even won the European Championship this year.

“And the current twenty-one is doing well. The Portuguese qualifiers passed without a single defeat, with only two draws and a score of 34: 5. This is a very good test for us, “” Benks suspects.

His cadre will check the match because of the lack of key support. Attacker Patrik Schick stayed in Karel Jarolím’s A-team, captain Aleš Čermák struggles with health problems just like Michal Hubínek from Bohemians. Lukáš Hůlka from Mladá Boleslav will be given a apuestas Unibet chance for the first time, and after some time, Tomáš Chorý from Olomouc, the second league, will be returning.

“The last league round did not work out, but he is a young player who has shown performance over the long term. We will try the sick because we decided to leave Matej Pulkrab 20 to go to a quality tournament in Spain, “said Bench.

The match with Portugal will take place on November 11 in Setúbal.The kickoff is at 19:15 CET.

Goalkeeper: Luděk Vejmola (Mladá Boleslav), Lukáš Zima (FC Genoa).
Defenders : Milan Havel (Bohemians 1905), Lukas Hulka (Mlada Boleslav), Michael Lüftner (Teplice), Ales Mateju (Viktoria Plzen), Stefan Simic (Mouscron).
Reservists: Antonin Barak (Slavia), Vaclav Cerny (Ajax), Daniel Holzer (Sparta), Jakub Jankto (Udine), Dominik Masek (Bohemians 1905), Tomas Soucek (Slavia), Michal Travnik (Jablonec), Daniel Tetour (Dukla).

Strikers: Stanislav Klobasa (Mlada Boleslav), Tomas Chory (Sigma Olomouc), Lukas Julis (Sparta).