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Cillessen and Jaume: open door

Celades resolved the first goal dilemma that has been presented to him this course by betting on Jaume Doménech. It was on the first league match of the year against Eibar when they already had the two first-team goalkeepers available. In Arabia, he will have to decide whether to keep the Castellón goalkeeper or if he returns Cillessen to the title for the Super Cup, after having fallen from the calls due to injury. Celades explained days ago that it is not a firm decision and that it may vary: “That Jaume plays does not mean that we are not happy with Cillessen.We will decide as we go, but there is nothing pre-established, we will decide based on the sensations “.

The way the Catalan coach has worked in the months he has been at Valencia gives the feeling that Cillessen He could have his chance to play this Wednesday against Madrid.

The Dutch goal had been a starter in LaLiga and in the Champions League, although with some appearance by Jaume due to a technical decision Getafe (3-3) or indisposition of his partner (Osasuna, 3-1), until he was injured in the first part of the game against Levante due to a muscle problem in the calf that forced him to retire in the first half.This period of absence coincided with a good moment for the team in terms of results and also allowed to verify the good form of Doménech in games and large venues such as against Ajax, in Amsterdam, or against Real Madrid, in Mestalla. That muscular problem of the goalkeeper signed this year from Barcelona allowed Jaume to play continuously against Levante, Ajax, Real Madrid, Valladolid and Eibar.

But it is also true that Cillessen was performing well until he was injured. Probably, in other circumstances Cillessen would have continued to start in LaLiga and the Champions League and Jaume would have reserved himself for the Super Cup and the Cup. But the injury and the subsequent election of the coach have changed the order that seemed established to date.Jaume is not only a solvent goalkeeper from a sporting point of view. His years in the first team and his character make him one of the leaders of the dressing room, as was clear last year during the Cup dispute.

We must not forget that Cillessen signed for him Valencia to start (although in different operations, he entered into a trade with Barcelona for Net valued at 35 million euros after having spent two seasons in the shadow of Ter Stegen at the Camp Nou. At this time, with the Eurocup in For a few months he can’t afford to disappear from the team.

The 10 commandments of Chivas with Ricardo Peláez

Prior to the Closing 2020, Ricardo Peláez established the new testament of Guadalajara. These imperatives will cause the Flock to become ‘Sacred’ again in Mexican soccer.

MARCA Claro presents the 10 commandments that the rojiblanco manager launched since his arrival in the Guadalajara structure.Brave in his speech, but quick to act and create harmony in an institution that is bound to resurface this year.

10.-You will not have percentage problems

Without regard, Peláez promised in his presentation that Guadalajara would forget about the ghost of relegation. “In Chivas we are no longer going to talk about quotients or decline.”

9.-No excuses

In his first speech as a rojiblanco manager he assured that with the squad he was going to design, it was an obligation for Luis Fernando Tena and his coaching staff, to place Chivas in the first places of the Clausura 2020.And he did it, El Flaco has a very attractive lapangan sepak bola team with names like José Juan Macías, Uriel Antuna and Cristian Calderón.

In addition, Ricardo said that no excuses will be made despite the losses of the players for the Pre-Olympic.

8.-There will be commitment

Peláez wants a responsible team on and off the field of play. The issue of indiscipline will be closely observed by the new leadership, also the issue of social networks, which have suddenly been misused.

7.-You will give your quarry a chance

Another of Peláez’s priorities. In their first tournament, a very large investment was made so that Chivas can compete with the most powerful of Mexican soccer; However, in the medium term, elements will have to emerge from its quarry.And in the First Division they are going to give young people the opportunity to make Chivas what it once was in the work of inferior forces.


During that preseason, several rojiblancos elements agreed in their statements, and this is not by chance, it speaks of the mentality being the same in Guadalajara. “We are going step by step,” the Guadalajara players have replied about their philosophy of speaking little and performing on the court.

5.-You will ambition the upper part

Another of Ricardo’s orders is that his Chivas fight against the royals for the first places in the classification, It is not only about accessing the Big Party, the forms count and they are not willing to suffer to get into the Liguilla.

4.-You will win trophies in the short term

Since the beginning of 2020, the objectives of these Chivas were revealed. “We are going to talk about championships, we want titles,” said Peláez ahead of the Clausura.Amaury Vergara, owner of the rojiblanca entity, assured that his team is formed to be champion this semester.

3.-You will raise the MX Cup

“The goal is also the Cup”, guaranteed Antonio Briseño after beating Necaxa last Saturday. The defender confessed that this is another of the goals that were set this nascent year.

2.- You will be the best team in Mexico

Ricardo Peláez assured that Chivas would have a “great team” in 2020. And it was true, because the team rojiblanco has an attractive team with the arrival of the winter reinforcements. Now his fans must expect him to display a football that is in line with his squad.

1.- You will surpass America

Bluntly in his last statement for the Closing 2020.The leader of this herd promised that his team will tie and surpass America, now the highest winner in the history of Mexican soccer. This is the greatest of Peláez’s challenges, as it requires two League crowns to be the number one team in Mexico.

The ghost signings of the Clausura 2020

Rumors and failed signings that surely would have brought a different focus to the clubs for closing those transactions. Teams like Monterrey, América, Cruz Azul and Chivas explored the possibility of repatriating high-level Mexicans abroad and / or with some talent from Liga MX. However, due to financial reasons, everything remained in a dream and these reinforcements did not arrive.

America – Jonathan dos Santos

Las Águilas with one of the Two Saints in their ranks, tried to unite the brothers and fulfill a dream that they themselves have made known.However, Jonathan closed the doors for an upcoming signing with the Coapa team, since in the words of the Mexican World Cup himself, “he would end his career at the LA Galaxy.”

Despite the fact that Jonathan dos Santos wore the colors of America in the final of the Apertura 2019 and has repeated on several occasions his desire to play for the capital team with his brother, his plans could have a direction different.

Cruz Azul – Aké Loba

The Ivorian attacker, now ex from Querétaro, has been an element that Cruz Azul has tempted since tournaments; However, with the possibility closer than ever, negotiations would have reached their limit after the agent raised his cost at the last minute.Reports indicated that the Machine put eight million dollars on the table, which would have been rejected by Aké Loba.

Chivas – Marco Fabián

His step Fabián’s revenue increased through MLS and this became a double-edged sword, both for the player and for Club Deportivo Guadalajara. Rumors pointed out that the rojiblanco youth squad requested a salary of 54 million pesos a year; that is, 5.3 million a month to return to play with Chivas. This was a request that the board now headed by Ricardo Peláez, would not have taken well.

Monterrey – Héctor Moreno

One of the main objectives of the Rayados has been the experienced Mexican, Héctor Moreno.Unfortunately for the Monterrey cause, Al-Gharafa, who recently acquired the defender, would only let the World Cup player go if Monterrey pays the termination clause, which would exceed 10 million dollars. Plus, they would have to match or exceed Moreno’s high salary.