Cillessen and Jaume: open door

Celades resolved the first goal dilemma that has been presented to him this course by betting on Jaume Doménech. It was on the first league match of the year against Eibar when they already had the two first-team goalkeepers available. In Arabia, he will have to decide whether to keep the Castellón goalkeeper or if he returns Cillessen to the title for the Super Cup, after having fallen from the calls due to injury. Celades explained days ago that it is not a firm decision and that it may vary: “That Jaume plays does not mean that we are not happy with Cillessen.We will decide as we go, but there is nothing pre-established, we will decide based on the sensations “.

The way the Catalan coach has worked in the months he has been at Valencia gives the feeling that Cillessen He could have his chance to play this Wednesday against Madrid.

The Dutch goal had been a starter in LaLiga and in the Champions League, although with some appearance by Jaume due to a technical decision Getafe (3-3) or indisposition of his partner (Osasuna, 3-1), until he was injured in the first part of the game against Levante due to a muscle problem in the calf that forced him to retire in the first half.This period of absence coincided with a good moment for the team in terms of results and also allowed to verify the good form of Doménech in games and large venues such as against Ajax, in Amsterdam, or against Real Madrid, in Mestalla. That muscular problem of the goalkeeper signed this year from Barcelona allowed Jaume to play continuously against Levante, Ajax, Real Madrid, Valladolid and Eibar.

But it is also true that Cillessen was performing well until he was injured. Probably, in other circumstances Cillessen would have continued to start in LaLiga and the Champions League and Jaume would have reserved himself for the Super Cup and the Cup. But the injury and the subsequent election of the coach have changed the order that seemed established to date.Jaume is not only a solvent goalkeeper from a sporting point of view. His years in the first team and his character make him one of the leaders of the dressing room, as was clear last year during the Cup dispute.

We must not forget that Cillessen signed for him Valencia to start (although in different operations, he entered into a trade with Barcelona for Net valued at 35 million euros after having spent two seasons in the shadow of Ter Stegen at the Camp Nou. At this time, with the Eurocup in For a few months he can’t afford to disappear from the team.

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