Disappointment and complications, he Bwin evaluated the Hořava domestic loss with Giurgiu

Pilsen’s midfielder Tomas Hořava was sad and disappointed that he lost to Astrou Giurgiu with his teammates in the third round of the European League group with 1: 2. According to the 28-year-old footballer who headed for both goals, they Bwin decided to make individual fights and the weak offensive of the Czech champion. sad and disappointed, ” told journalists Tornado.

After an hour he scored his own unfortunate goal 0: 2, but four minutes before the end he revived the hope of Pilsen to score points when he reached the goal

“In the second goal we lost the balloon, they went three to two.I was returning quickly and crossing the player. I knew it would be shot in front of the gate, so I wanted to block it on the long leg, unfortunately I blocked it so unfortunate that it Bwin ended with a goal, “ described his own intervention.

“In a penalty I decided for the right side without looking at the goalie. He was there fast and set off, fortunately ahead of me to my leg and I did not have the problem to arrive, ” added the Hořava to the second situation.

Domestic defense especially in the first half attacked by the attacker Denis Alibec , who sent Giurgiu to lead after several unaltered chances in 41 minutes. “Alibec was a lot to see and made a great deal of trouble. Especially at the end of the half-time, so it’s even Bwin got us down.These are individual mistakes and it is happening, “ said Hořava.

” Even though we lost 0: 1 the match was not decided and we had half- to reverse it. But it is unpleasant when we get this way to a 0: 1 position, “ was complemented by a former player from Brno or Olomouc.

The Pilsen offensive was critical. ” The final pass was not there, to get there. There were some hesitations, the centers were inaccurate.This is what we are missing now, either in Slovácko (1: 1) or even now, “ pointed out the Burns.

Viktoria complicated the fight to advance to the elimination Bwin phase of the European League when it is with two points the last one in group E. “Of course the odds have now dropped, but we have three matches ahead of us and we will fight to the end,” said a six-time representative.

the next duel with Astro in Romania will be more. “It will be a different match. Here they got up and played the breads, they might have to make it at home and there will be more room for us. So I believe we can win, “said Pilsen midfielder.

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