The Court of Appeal brought an action against Unibet, replaced him with a judge

Today, the Prague City Court upheld the appeal of former referee Tomáš Kovařík and canceled the judgment that he should apologize to the vice-president of the Football Association of the Czech Republic Romana Berbrova and his wife Dagmar Damková for their Unibet media statements. The District Court will have to prove the evidence proposed by Kovařík, with the Board of Appeal ordering the case to be dealt with by another judge. Kovařík asserts that Berbr, through Damkova, illegally interfered with the arbitration panel.

“The judgment is incorrect and the proceedings which preceded him are subject to very significant defects. evidence and only selected those that testify to the plaintiff.He also assessed the credibility of the proposed witnesses before they were heard. It is inadmissible, “said Senate chairman Tomas Novosad. Berbr and former Chief of the Damage Commission filed Kovařík with a claim for protection of his personality for his statement to the Sport daily, stating that the Berber Judge was in control and the District Court for Prague 9 gave the prosecutors this May as the truth, against which Kovařík appealed with the argument that the court unjustifiably rejected the Unibet evidence he had proposed. the first referee Libor Kovařík, who subsequently ended the career of the judge, Tomáš Kovařík and some other judges.Berbr and Damková are leading several court cases.

In the dispute with Berber and Damkova, there is another former judge, Antonín Kordula, whom the Hodonin District Court earlier this week wrongfully decided not to apologize. The judge said Kordula’s media coverage was cultivated and was not insulting, it was not a bloody campaign. Berbrova’s rhetoric, on the other hand, was not substantive, but partly also power and power, and the judges could perceive it as insulting.

Tomas Kovařík in Kordul’s dispute appeared as a witness. Among other things, he said that Berbr had humiliated the judge at seminars where he was not Unibet supposed to ride at all.He also said that the fourth referee had to wear the phone so that in the event of a stadium incident, Berbr could decide whether to continue the match. According to other witnesses, Berbr pressed the judges to report each other.

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