The Czech team Unibet has met the generational problem, the time wants, experts say

František Cipro and Günter Bittengel, CTK’s experts, agreed that the problem of generational problems is largely due to the unsuccessful entry of the Czech Republic into the 2018 World Championship qualifying. The national team, after leaving the former support, does not have a fixed axis of the cadre and coach Karel Jarolím is thus forced to search and try the Unibet players even during the competitive games. According to experts, the team now needs time to stabilize.

“It is a fact that we do not like to admit here: Better players are not, and we do not have much at this level. only us, but from time to time others, “said Cipro after the introduction of the qualification.There are only two points with a score of 0: 3 in three games, and the second place of the group loses five points.

“We have no players in the top European clubs as before, we have no big cup successes “Players who leave our league, for example, in the Bundesliga, do not Unibet usually play it, I think we lack football, and we have to wait for the eighties, nineteen or twenty years to come,” added the former sixty-six-year-old coach. >

According to Bittengel, the Czech team also has a generational problem. “We’ve got it. We have to build a new team.After the end of the game, there was a little gap, “said the 50-year-old former Dukly representative and sports director of the Prague Dukly. After the June Euro, five experienced players terminated the show career and, for Cipra, Jaroslav Plašil. “Five of the people ended up in the representation and the public cried loudly and advised them to leave four more. But we do not have better, and for example, people are hated. He has been paying for the first French league and plays a key role because he is a football player, “Cipro said.

Both experts agreed that Jarolim had too little time to Unibet find the ideal set.After taking over the team in the summer, he had only one preparatory match with Armenia (3: 0) a few days before qualifying.

“In my opinion it was too late, so it basically tries everything, it’s a little bit of a people’s voice and a call for the young, and that’s all it takes to have time and experience, playing a few great matches in twenty or twenty does not mean that you automatically belong to the national team, “said Cipro.

That the coach is still testing and looking for optimal composition, shows the fact that 23 players have played in three qualifying games.And against the Saturday’s duel in Germany, Jarolim has made seven changes in Tuesday’s match against Azerbaijan.

“From my point of view, it is nice that the coach is not afraid of it, but there are preparatory matches “

” It is not normal for national teams to change the team so radically, “said Bittengel. “There is no one in the qualifying rounds, with 20 players turning in, indicating that Unibet we are in the search and optimization phase,” he added.

With Cyprus, they agreed that the national team now needs time. “It’s a long track run, but I certainly would not sign up for it.There is a lot of wrestling, and I think it is a stupid idea that we should omit it and concentrate on the next Euro, “Cipro said.

” I’m rather optimistic, but I think, that our participation in the WS probably is mine. Those qualifications should probably serve to consolidate and stabilize the team. It takes time. We must be patient to create a strong axis of a cadre. I believe that when we do that, we will be able to defeat better rivals than Azerbaijan, “added Bittengel.

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