The first two goals we gave them, regretted unusual stoper Coufal

Defender Vladimir Coufal had to move from the right side of the defense to the stopper in the match of the 4th round of the European League Basic Group in Fiorentina due to his teammate’s sick. The Liberec players in the improvised line-up of the Italian favorite failed to Bet365 Brasil surprise and after losing 0: 3, their chances of progress are only theoretical.

Coufal regretted unnecessary mistakes. “We gave the first two goals to the opponents. The first goal, the penalty, I guess it was. I didn’t see it, I don’t know.I tried to save it yet, but it jumped over my leg and that was the end of the game for us, “Coufal told reporters.

He knew he would be unconventional in the middle of the defense. “From Tuesday I knew I was going to play it. We just have such a sickness that what has legs and hands, it plays, ” he said. I started on the stoper and gradually moved. I hope I won’t move back, “he added.

From the 17th minute, there wasn’t even one usual stoper in the Liberec line-up, because David Hovorka had to rotate due to injury. Milan Nitrianský .

“I think Nitra and I did quite well in playing two real becs.We used to play the balloon quite well, and we escaped them a few times. But I hope David Hovorka didn’t hurt us for long. I hope I won’t stay there permanently, “Coufal said.

But he will probably have to step in on the live Betclic stoper in the Sunday league match with Sparta.” Looks like I don’t have to worry about surviving there again, ”he said with a smile. the progress has moved rather into theory, Coufal gives up nothing. “We’re losing six points. As long as it is not entirely mathematically excluded, we will fight for it.We’ll want to defeat Karabakh at home to please the fans and break the domestic bad season, “he added.

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