The idea of ​​the Unibet is back in life, and again it is about it

The smaller football countries planning to revolt: after the introduction of the new format of the Champions League, the group stage since 2018, always of equal halves occupy the representatives of the four major competitions began informally discuss the creation of the so-called Atlantic League with participants from Scandinavia, the Benelux countries, but also Scotland…

already in February for the first time penetrated the Unibet surface information about the Glasgow Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell trying to come up with an alternative to the elite Champions League, and that the implementation of such plans really work, it now confirmed by FC Copenhagen director Anders Horsholt.

“Yes, it is true.If we do not act now, we will see how the biggest clubs continue to grow and grow, while for groups like ours it will become more and more difficult “, Horsholt said in an interview for the Danish BT letter.

p> “So far, it’s too early to debate specific models, but Unibet creating a league involving many European states is something we’re considering and what we’re actively involved in,” said a Copenhagen official whose team in a millionaire competition in a few days they face English champions from Leicester.

Ideas for a competition to compete with the Champions League have also been released in the recent past by relatively unexpected figures such as President LaLiga, who will benefit from the new format.In July, the wealthy Chinese Dalian Wanda Group admitted that it had begun negotiations to fund such a rival LM.

Horsholt has not yet been specific about anything but the initial Unibet speculation amongst stakeholders also mentions Turkey, really ambitious project.

According to BT’s information, the units are currently taking part in the meeting from the Netherlands (Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, Feyenoord), Belgium (Anderlecht, Club Bruggy), Scotland (Celtic, Rangers) (Rosenborg). Copenhagen’s Brondby said he did not participate in the debate, but “information about them has been received and the debate over alternatives is not surprising.”

The originator of the whole idea is former PSV chairman Harry van Raaij, who did not make an attempt to implement in 2000.Now Van Raaij is out of office for twelve Unibet years now, but this February, he has been addressed by an unnamed consortium based in England who would also like to revive the initiative.

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