Unibet remains optimistic, the procedure is still realistic

Czech coach Karel Jarolí remains optimistic in the World Championship qualifying, despite only two points in the opening three games. He thinks it is realistic for the Czech team to win five of the remaining seven matches and ensure at least a barrage. “It is now crucial for us to win over Norway in November and finally start shooting goals. pause and Unibet we can begin to calculate “, Jarolim told the press conference today. “We will do our best to start collecting points and see at the end what it will be enough. It would be sad if I were not optimistic,” he added.

he would not be able to “qualify” the qualification and focus on preparing to fight for the Europe 2020 championship. “Do not ask for me.That would be an alibi, “he said.

The Czechs made the situation in the group considerably more complicated by Tuesday’s home draw 0: 0 with Azerbaijan, which has five points in front of them.

“It’s a pity we did not use a good match against Azerbaijan. It was important for the next match, “he regretted Jarolim, whose creditors did not score even in the third Unibet qualifying match.” It’s nice to keep a clean account in three of the four games , but we did not score in three games. That’s where the shoe pushes us the most.We have to start playing goals if we want to score, “ said.

In the match with Azerbaijan the defects in the offensive showed because the Czechs had territorial dominance, but they could not use it. he was looking at it from the record, there had to be more sharp ramps in the defense, it was unfortunately not there. As well as work in the penalty area. We can argue that there should be more centers that we were not in lime in time. These are the situations that decide. We made it easier for the opponent to defend his opponent. There should be more courage in the one-on-one game, ” named Jarolim.

The players will face the shortcomings individually. ” I’ll call them and tell them what they should do individually in clubs if they have space.We have to change it Unibet because there is no goal to win, “Jarolim said. ” I’m sorry to say that we played two attackers, but we did not score the goal, “he added. / p>

The situation of Jarolim is complicated by the fact that in summer, several support has ended in the representation, plus the injury is being wound up, so chance for the inexperienced players “It has complicated us that eight players could not call the first event due to injuries. It’s not a simple one, but I believe we will be able to prepare our team so that we are strong Unibet again, and we went for victory, “said a coaching coach.

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